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Who is Sponsor FC ? SPONSOR FC is an Non-profit organization that has been created by football fans and supporters of different Teams. Our goal is to offer a unique experience by becoming a Sponsor of their favourite Clubs. It will give fans a strong influence and a key role on their clubs at the clubs. Can I become a sponsor of several clubs? Yes, you just need to click “add a club” after you selected your 1st choice. How does it work? Following your registration, all you need is to select League 1 or League 2 Club(s). Then, on the club(s) page, choose the field you want to contribute to (transfers, training center, etc.). On top, you will have access to a dedicated survey which will allow you to give your opinion on all important topics of the club (recruitment, current season, club's reputation, etc.). It is important to complete this survey. Thanks to it we will be able to aggregate statistics including your opinion and send it to your club. It will give it a real glimpse about what you and the other fans are thinking. What is the minimum contribution? The minimum financial contribution is € 15. Must I subscribe monthly? No. But you have the opportunity to make as much contribution as you want. In addition, the subscription option is also available. How does the vote works ? At the end of each Mercato (Summer / Winter), all the contributors of your club will have 10 days to vote for the following question:
  • Do you want to release the funds to the club ?
Does my vote count more if my contributions are bigger ? Your vote is weighted on the ratio of your contributions compared to the total Club contributions. Example:
  • If the Club's total contributions are € 100,000 and the contributor Z has given € 100, then his vote weight will be 0.1% (100/100 000) * 100
  • If contributor X has given € 25, his vote weight will be 0.025% (25/100 000) * 100
  • On the other hand if the contributor Y has given 500 €, his vote weight will be 0.5% (500/100 000) * 100 Therefore, at the time of the vote, the order of the weight contributors will be:
    1. Contributor Y
    2. Contributor Z
    3. Contributor X
What happens if most of the contributors vote for the release of the funds ? If the contributors of your Club have decided to release the funds to the club, SponsorFC will approach the Club in order to start negotiations and establish a partnership for the interest of the contributors. The club will have to accept:
  • To allocate the funds collected where the contributors have decided to (ex: € 250 000 for transfers, € 29 000 for the training center, € 15 000 for the women's team, etc.)
  • To set up projects in common with your contributors group.
  • To follow up the partnership and actions taken through it
  • To offer premium advantages to your contributor group (game tickets, VIP boxes, meetings with staff or players, special discounts, exclusive events, etc.)
  • etc.
What happens if most of the contributors vote against the release of the funds ? In this case, funds from your contributor group will be frozen until the end of the next Mercato. These funds will be added to the next funding phase. Why should I vote against the release of the funds ? First of all, SPONSORFC is not intended to encourage you to vote against the release of the funds. Nevertheless, this vote aims to give a real influence to the Supporters. And what's stronger than financial matters ? Everyone knows that Clubs are desperatly need money, so it will be preferable that most of the contributor will feel happy with their "investments". On top of this, the question remains subjective, and each contributor can have his own reasons to penalise the club, like:
  • The relationship with the Club,
  • The bad results,
  • A disappointing recruitment,
  • The mismanagement of the Club,
  • The non-conformity of contributors wishes during the partnership.
How often can we postpone the release of the funds ? Indefinitely. But do not forget that the whole concept of SPONSOR FC is to help the club to grow. By becoming a contributor, will I become a club member during my team's games ? No, but you will enjoy many benefits. Even Socios of clubs like FC Barcelona or Real Madrid don't get any benefit from their subscriptions. On the other hand, we will be able to negotiate specific subscription prices for contributors. What happens if the club does not accept the funds and the partnership agreement? It is very unlikely that this situation will happen. The Club's interest is to strengthen relations with their supporters, but also to develop their sources of income. In this case, the Club would make a "bad buzz" and greatly degrade his image. But if this situation should happen, SPONSOR FC will propose several alternatives:
  • Reversing your contributions to another Club,
  • Reversing your contributions to non-profit organisations in your area
  • Refunding 80% of your contribution.
Does SPONSOR FC take a fee on your contributions ? Yes. As explain before, SponsorFC is a non-profit organisation, and therefore we do not want to make profit. However, the organisation management, the site, the servers, the technological development, the negotiations with the clubs, require human and financial resources, so SponsorFC will take a fee of 20% of each contributions to keep being viable (ex: on a contribution of € 15, € 3 will be collected by SponsorFC).


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